+ How much hair do I need for a sew-in or a wig?

For a full sew-in weave we recommend two bundles with our Raw Cambodian hair. These are applied on the lengths from 12 to 18 inches. Four bundles are applied on the lengths from 20 inch or longer.

Each bundle weighs 95 to 100 grams.

Keep in mind: the longer the hair, the shorter the weft.

For a wig we recommend 3 bundles when going for the lengths from 12 to 18 inch. Four bundles are applied for longer lengths.

Keep in mind: a frontal or a closure is necessary for a wig.

+ What sizes are Mydollishhair closures and frontals?

Our closures come in the sizes: 4x4,5x5 & 6x6. And our frontals come in the sizes: 13x4 & 13x6

Always handle your lace closure or lace frontal with care. As they're very fragile.

+ Are the closures and frontals pre-plucked?

No, they're not.

+ What color is the hair?

All our hair come in a natural black color (1B), because our hair is a 100% raw human hair, and unprossesed.

+ Can I dye My Dollish Hair?

This is 100% RAW human hair that has not been processed. You can color the hair but keep in mind that once Raw hair is colored it is no longer Raw hair. We suggest using a professional hairstylist for coloring. Be sure to keep treated hair conditioned and moisturized.

+ Can I use heat on the hair?

Yes, but make sure to use a heat protector to prevent heat damage.

+ How long will the hair last?

Mydollishhair can be re-used as much as you want if you take GOOD care of your hair.

+ What's the best way to take care of the hair?

  • Shampoo at least once a week
  • Use a shampoo no higher than pH7
  • Do NOT massage the hair.
  • Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water
  • Use conditioner.
  • When combing the hair use a wide tooth comb, always start combing at the end of the hair and work your way up.
  • Let the hair air dry .

+ Does Mydollishhair offer wigs?

Yes, we offer costumized wigs. You can go to "The wig lab" to have yours specially made for you!